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  1. Preserving Syrian design history and graphics in the Arab world

    Meet the Syrian Design Archive

  2. He Doesn't Just Chase Hurricanes. He's Addicted to Them.

    Josh Morgerman is an obsessive stormchaser. As hurricanes grow fiercer and more destructive, what does it mean to be someone who loves them?

  3. The Culture Warped Pop, for Good

    Our digitized world hasn’t just changed how we listen to music. It changed the music itself.

  4. The unlikely story of how 'Dundee United' became an insult in Nigeria

    The club’s name is synonymous with idiocy in Africa’s most populous nation. How on earth did this happen?

  5. Why game developers can’t get a handle on doors

    Sometimes the simplest objects are the most difficult to design

  6. The 120-MPH, 35,000 Feet, 3-Minutes-To-Impact Survival Guide

    You’re six miles up, alone and falling without a parachute. Though the odds are long, a small number of people have found themselves in similar situations—and lived to tell the tale.

  7. In Defense of Doing Nothing

    The cultural impetus to hustle is built on decades-old political language. Why not try idleness instead?

  8. The ugly history of Comic Sans

    This is the story of a Windows disaster that birthed a typography disaster that turned into an ongoing joke.

  9. What Is a Poem?

    When I used to ask students what a poem is, I would get answers like “a painting in words,” or “a medium for self-expression,” or “a song that rhymes and displays beauty.” None of these answers ever really satisfied me, or them, and so for a while I stopped asking the question.

  10. The Sound So Loud That It Circled the Earth Four Times

    On 27 August 1883, the Earth let out a noise louder than any it has made since.