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  1. The Weird, Dangerous, Isolated Life of the Saturation Diver

    One of the world’s most hazardous jobs is known for its intense pressure.

  2. Breakfast has resisted globalisation, until now

    It has always been the most conservative meal of the day. But some diners are starting to experiment

  3. “Tomato” versus “#FF6347”—the tragicomic history of CSS color names

    Inspiration runs the gamut for colors like “lemon chiffon" and “rebecca purple.”

  4. If You Give a Mouse a Vote

    How many voters will pick Mickey Mouse?

  5. The People Who Hated the Web, Even Before Facebook

    As the World Wide Web turns 30, a look back at its early skeptics

  6. The Year-Long, Undercover Plot To Blow Up EVE Online's Most Notorious Space Station

    In theory, anything can happen in EVE Online, but some things are considered impossible. Well, last month, one of the “impossible” things happened: The destruction of the game’s first-ever Keepstar battlestation, which was kept in a wormhole. Of course, it took 11 months of meticulous planning.

  7. The History of Blood

    For centuries, curiosity about the mystical and biological functions of blood has fuelled both dangerous misunderstandings and revolutionary discoveries.

  8. The Fermi Paradox

    The Fermi Paradox: There should be 100,000 intelligent alien civilizations in our galaxy — so why haven’t we found any of them?