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  1. 700,000 lines of code, 20 years, and one developer: How Dwarf Fortress is built

    Dwarf Fortress is one of those oddball passion projects that’s broken into Internet consciousness.

  2. On the Trail of a Mysterious, Pseudonymous Author

    Late last spring, a strange, beguiling novel began arriving, in installments, in the mail. Who had written it?

  3. Love in the Time of Cryptography

    Most romances today have deep digital footprints. This one didn’t — and to the state, that was a problem.

  4. Rebranding Chernobyl - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

    A team of Ukrainian graphic designers has created an ever-changing image that captures the evolving aftermath of nuclear disaster.

  5. The History of TV Color Bars, One of the First Electronic Graphics Ever Made

    You might not realize it, but every part of a color-bar layout, the most common television test pattern out there, has a specific purpose. Here’s how it came to be.

  6. The Hidden Melodies of Subways Around the World

    When train doors close, these jingles warn riders to stand clear.

  7. Preserving Syrian design history and graphics in the Arab world

    Meet the Syrian Design Archive

  8. He Doesn't Just Chase Hurricanes. He's Addicted to Them.

    Josh Morgerman is an obsessive stormchaser. As hurricanes grow fiercer and more destructive, what does it mean to be someone who loves them?

  9. The Culture Warped Pop, for Good

    Our digitized world hasn’t just changed how we listen to music. It changed the music itself.

  10. The unlikely story of how 'Dundee United' became an insult in Nigeria

    The club’s name is synonymous with idiocy in Africa’s most populous nation. How on earth did this happen?